Outsmarting out-of-stocks together

Stockly enables e-retailers to keep selling when out-of-stock, by shipping the products from other authorised retailers and brands in the network.


What we do

Stockly connects to your e-commerce inventory, detects the missing variants and out-of-stocks, and fills the gaps in real time with brands' or other official retailers' inventories. As a supplier, you make additional sales at no cost, benefitting from other websites' traffic.

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 Without Stockly

A customer searches for an item that is out-of-stock on your website and is unable to purchase it.
End of story.

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With Stockly

Stockly fills the missing item without changing the customer's experience. The customer buys the item. You share the profit with the supplier who fulfilled the order.


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Stock propagation time


Available logistic options


Our technology is based on the sharpest languages and infrastructure standards to synchronise millions of items each second, and support all the operational complexity of post order-management. As a partner of Stockly, you just keep selling your products online following your usual processes, and all the complexity is handled by us. The integration is extremely simple.

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Become a Demander

Demanders are e-shops in need of more inventory.
They use Stockly to fulfil their out-of-stocks, relying on other retailers' overstock.

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Become a Supplier

Suppliers are the brands or authorised retailers fulfilling the out of stocks, and shipping the orders to the end customer. They make significant additional revenue selling through Stockly.

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Welcome aboard the next generation of retail.

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The next generation of e-commerce

We are building a stock exchange for e-commerce inventory. We want to make stock a commodity, providing authorised retailers unlimited access to others' inventory, in compliance with brands' distribution policies. We want to give the power back to all e-commerce websites, in order to compete against the monopolistic position of Amazon.