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Fill your out-of-stocks through our network

Stockly connects to your e-commerce inventory, detects the missing variants and out-of-stocks, and fills the gaps in real time with brands' or other official retailers' inventories.

Seamless experience

Your customer's experience remains the same. They purchase on your website as if the product was in-stock, instead of giving up on their shopping basket. The product will be shipped by another retailer in neutral packaging.

Higher conversion & loyalty

Your product availability will significantly increase thanks to the power of the network, with  customers now having a much higher chance to find what they are looking for on your website.

Instant additional revenue

You take a commission on each sale you make via Stockly. Rather than your customer being unable to buy a product on your website, their needs are instead satisfied and you make more revenue as a result.

Stockly makes sure our customers have access to the products they want to buy. It has significantly increased our volume of sales.

Axelle Reig, Marketplace Director
Galeries Lafayette

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Serve your customers as they deserve

When Stockly fulfils an out-of-stock on your e-commerce site, the customer will remain unaware that the product was ever unavailable. Once they purchase the item, the order is then automatically transmitted to us and re-routed to the supplier who is most compatible with your SLAs. The supplier then ships the product directly to your customer in neutral packaging. In the meantime, we keep track of all processes to ensure that the product arrives on time and that any unexpected problems are quickly resolved.


Seamless integration

We connect our technology with your e-commerce infrastructure via API, directly on your CMS or your marketplace. We take care of everything. All you have to do is grant us access to your API, and we do the rest.