About us

Our Mission

We are building a stock exchange for e-commerce inventory, allowing any e-retailer to source products from other retailers of the network, which are then drop-shipped to the end-customer. For now, our focus is in Europe, with a 4x year-over-year growth.

Our Vision

We want to provide online sellers with unlimited access to stock, whilst respecting brands' distribution policies and working within strict control of counterfeit and grey markets. We aim to do all of this with thanks to two combined factors of success: technology and operational excellence.

Our Values

We’re driven by rationality, perseverance, big dreams and kindness. We are like a professional sport team, moving together in the same direction, and where each team-member has a major role to play for the success of the whole team. We want everyone to feel good and welcome, as they are.


Life at Stockly

We are a team of people from diverse cultures and horizons, united by camaraderie in every moment that we share.

70+ people

the team grows fast but we remain super selective on our newcomers.

21+ nationalities

at Stockly, everyone is welcome and should feel at home!

Central offices

our offices are located in the centre of Paris.


each full time team member can decide to take shares of the company as part of the package.

Yearly retreat

every year we take 3-4 days to step back and enjoy all together! This is a key highlight of the Stockly life.


we aim to become the inevitable reality for all retailers in the coming years.

We are passionately building e-commerce's next generation

At Stockly, we are driven to bring good to the market. Out-of-stocks are a big problem hiding many more. We are solving it, bringing liquidity, better stock rotation to the global market, reducing waste. This is the only way small, average and even big players can survive against Amazon’s monopolistic position. At Stockly you will shape the future of e-commerce and retail.

— Eliott Jabes, Co-Founder & CEO

What are we looking for?


Think fast, learn fast. Anticipate problems.


Never give up. Get things done with attention to detail.


Aim for the stars. Stockly is crazily ambitious, what about you?

Good Vibes

Just be yourself.