become a supplier

Sell more through Stockly

Open your business to millions of European customers without any extra effort.

Additional revenue

Make profit out of the traffic of other retailers in the network. You make additional sales at no cost.

Reduce overstock

Overstock is a problem for every retailer. Use the power of the network to turn it into a force.

No technical integration

As a supplier, there is no technical integration required to start selling through Stockly's network. 

Stockly increases our revenue and reduces our
over-stock, while respecting our distribution policy.
All of this happens without taking any risks on our side.

Guillaume Ernekian, Head of Marketing & E-commerce
Hylton Group

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No technical integration required

Just share an existing product feed with us and with thanks to our semi-automated order process,  we can start ordering directly from your website. For you, Stockly simply functions as a classic customer, placing frequent orders on your website. 


Define your parameters

You can freely decide which products you want to sell through Stockly and which countries to cover. We take care of setting up your respective rules.

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