April 24, 2023

About OKRs

About OKRs

🗝️ The solution to team defocus and opacity

OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) are a framework invented by Andy Grove at Intel and then made popular by Google.

✨ OKRs superpowers

Tracking - make everyone’s objectives public and trackable.

Focus - OKRs measure what matters most and force you to focus and key topics.

Alignment - each Stockler knows the goal of the company & the goals of the others.

Stretching - setting high goals to achieve the impossible. 🚀 OKRs express how we’d like the future to look like.

Commitment and accountability: each Stockler commits to the rest of the team through the OKRs. At the end of each cycle, each one is responsible for their score.

🙅‍♂️ Rigidity and OKRs are not getting along well

OKRs require flexibility.

Each company implements them in its own way. 💡 it’s not the same when we are 5 in the team compared to 100: more time & preparation are needed to collect everyone's inputs.

💁 In short:

OKRs make your mind clear, help to rationalize progress and success + measure what really matters.

They provide super high transparency and therefore peace of mind & commitment..