December 6, 2023

Disagree and commit, a key work value at Stockly

Disagree and commit, a key work value at Stockly

Disagree and commit!!

The principle is the following:

All decisions are open to debate. We do a lot of effort to make everyone feel empowered to enter any debate and express their arguments freely and openly.

But once a decision has been made, we must ALL commit to it, even those who were arguing against it in the first place, during the debating phase.

This is extremely important to allow the organisation to move forward, ensuring everyone spends their efforts in the same direction.

You surely have found yourself in this situation several times: you think an idea is bad, or sub-optimal, you fight against it internally, but the group (or sometimes the leader in charge unilaterally) ends up deciding to go this way. In this situation, the best move, the move that will make you look like an amazing professional, is to disagree and commit!

Accept the fact that you were not in line with the decision, but now that’s it’s done, just help the team and do everything you can to prove yourself that you were wrong in the first place. This is being a team player, this being an outstanding professional.

In a collective sport, if you think the line-up chosen by the coach is not the right one, you will still play the best you can within the chosen system and fight to make the team win.