September 27, 2023

Our very unusual step in our hiring process: the Day at Stockly

Our very unusual step in our hiring process: the Day at Stockly

We have a very unusual step in our hiring process 🤔And we are extremely attached to it…

It's called the "Day at Stockly".

👉 After the first few rounds, we invite the candidate to spend an afternoon with us at our headquarters in Paris as the final step.

They would meet 3-5 people from the team in 1-to-1. Exceptionally we can do this remotely, if the candidate lives very far away for instance.

The purpose of this step is to give the candidate an overview of what a day in the office would look like and the opportunity to meet and run interviews with multiple Stocklers.

It’s also for us the possibility to estimate collectively if the candidate is a good fit for Stockly.

It happens like this:

1. Team leader must prepare an exercise to give them that will help candidates discover Stockly but also challenge them (you might remember about our famous STAN score to grade our applicants).

2. The candidate arrives at 2pm and is briefed by their future team leader.

3. Then they do 20min interviews with 3 to 5 team members. As a general rule candidates must see Stocklers from at least 2 different teams (including a tech and a non-tech team).

4. They have 45min to 1h30 to prepare their exercise (depending on the role they apply to).

5. Then they may participate to a Daily meeting of their potential future team and finally they debrief the exercise with the team leader.

This step is extremely engaging, and quite intense. But we receive great feedbacks from candidates about it.

Mainly because:

- it allows them to really picture themself in the company

- they can feel the vibe and the work mindset, which is way better than just words

- they can start building a relationship with their future coworkers, as if their onboarding had already started.

The drawbacks of such demanding step are on the other hand ⚖️

- It takes time to many team members, which we are okay with, as we take very seriously the mission of building an exceptional team

- If we decide not to shoot an offer to the candidate, the disappointment may be difficult to manage. For this, we always take time to call them and explain them transparently why it didn’t work out on our side, always giving constructive feedback.

We always were challenged a lot by recruitment agencies or even internally about this process, but it's become extremely robust overtime.