April 24, 2023

Stockly's hiring process

Stockly's hiring process

"It's been three months and I'm still in the hiring process, but hey, it's for an awesome job!"

Red flag! 🙅

Finding THE talent for a position shouldn’t justify an endless recruitment process!

🏎️ At Stockly, we thrive for speed and quality. Every candidate solicitation must be answered within 1 working day.

⚡We can typically go through the whole process in 2-3 weeks.

This is possible even with 6 steps in the hiring process:

1- 20min video-call with a member of our Talent Acquisition team 📞 To understand the candidate's background and motivations, and reply to his questions

2- 45min entry-test at home (we'll dig into this in my next post 🤿)

3- 1-hour face to face interview with a Team Leader 🗣️ To have a deeper discussion

4- Half-a-day immersion at Stockly ☕️ To meet all the team

5- Reference checks

6- Final offer 🎉

What we ask our hiring managers:

Be extremely demanding 🧐 ask yourself “Would I recommend this candidate to my best friend's company for a crucial role?”

No room for luck 🍀 We score the candidates at every steps, keep track of all candidates' details and take notes at every step of the process.

Motivate the candidate to join Stockly 🤝 A+ players are targeted by everyone…

Keep calendar open for candidates to book a slot 🗓️ Zero time to lose.

Good vibes only 💜 The process requires involvement from the applicants and therefore we try to make it useful and enjoyable for them. Aka reject with care and provide constructive feedback.