June 11, 2024

What's our environmental impact?

What's our environmental impact?

Stockly is enabling seamless e-commerce, an industry that's not neutral in terms of impact. However we believe that becoming a tech-enable incumbent on the market will help us play a role in the transition.

Given our model, the emissions of Stockly are, in vast majority, indirect “scope 3” emissions. Amongst these emissions, the 2 main drivers are transportations and goods production.

Therefore, at scale, there are several ways for us to have an impact and mitigate this scope 3, notably:

1️⃣ Taking into account the carbon footprint in our matching of stocks, for instance

👉 Prioritize clean transportation means (e.g. electrical trucks vs. fuel based ones)

👉 Prioritize local / closer suppliers and therefore reduce transportation distances

👉 Prioritize clean products (e.g. low carbon emitted in production, easily repairable appliances)

👉 Bulking orders or optimizing geographical repartitions

👉 Flagging and excluding unauthorised or highly emitting products (incl. for environmental reasons)

2️⃣ Being best in class in applying the law and supporting our partners in doing this. A good example of this is the AGEC law, or the legal obligations to take back the used material for electronic appliances for instance.

We also help reducing overstock to our suppliers, and therefore waste.
I trust us more than anyone else to become this industry leader and that is where we will be able to have the biggest impact.

We acknowledge that e-commerce is a carbon emitting industry as of today but a company achieving Stockly’s vision will exist in the market, it better be us, along with our willingness to have a positive impact as described above.